That's what Emperador stands for



It's simple.

It's all about cars.

Thinking about cars, buying a car, working on it, making it faster, making it better, making it unique.



Being with friends in the garage, working together on cars.

Visiting car meets, race tracks and big events.

Or just making a trip. Whereto? Doesn't matter.

Engine on, head off.



Therefore it's regardless which make the car is, or if it's expensive, or not. The feeling while working on it and driving it, that is the greatest thing, the fun and the connection. Cars mean freedom, cars mean fun, cars mean new friendships


The best part of the car scene, it's so variegated.

Some build racecars, some working on their car just for fun or for making it special, some have a passion for oldtimers, some for offroad cars and bikes. And we love and respect ALL of it.



'cause in the end we're united through the passion.

In the end we are all similar. 


That's what emperador stands for.