About us

Who we are...

We are a group of friends and family which are totally in love with cars and the associated lifestyle.

We founded Emperador Motorismo back in 2013.

The name Emperador Motorismo means emperor motorsport. It's because we're from Aachen, the city of the emperor Charlemagne (Charles the Great).

Emperador Motorismo started as a crew of friends who just wants to drive to car events and racetracks, working together on their cars and simply enjoying those best times.

Over the years we established a body shop. And since 2016 we started Emperador as an automotive apparel for people who live and celebrate the same car lifestyle!

We keep you updated about every news over Instagram (@emperador_motorismo) and over Facebook (www.facebook.com/emperadormotorismo)

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Let's unite the car scene !

Against hate and discrimination! 





Jill, Sven and the rest of the Emperador team!